About the

Business Video Academy

Why we exist:

Business Video Academy exists to educate, help and inspire entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers to create better video content that's driven by results.

Our Mission

Our aim is to build the most practical and easy-to-use online creative knowledge base for service businesses that want to produce more effective in-house video content.

Our Beliefs

We believe that...
video is one of the most powerful marketing tools out there...when done the right way.

We believe that...
when creating video, return on investment is the most critical factor for business owners.

We believe that...
small businesses and entrepreneurs help change the world through ideas and innovation. We want to help them better communicate those ideas with video.

We believe that...
training should be made as practical as possible, so businesses can implement quickly

The Story of Business Video Academy

Hello and welcome to the Business Video Academy. I'm Adam Cliff, a multi award-winning video producer that specialises in creating powerful trust-building marketing videos for the service industries. This site was created to help give business owners and marketers the opportunity to create results-driven and better quality video content in-house.

The idea was there for a long time, but being busy producing client videos meant it was put on the back burner. Then, the Covid pandemic of 2020 finally freed up the time to give the Academy the focus it deserved. The aim was to offer an alternative to most other video production training out there. As a business owner myself, I understand that you don't like wasting time. You don't want to be trawling through 20+ hours of training, only to find it isn't relevant and not complete it. The truth is 15% of online courses are never finished, so clearly something needs to change.

You want training and advice that's easy to digest, practical enough to implement with minimal fuss, and ultimately transformational for your business. This is exactly my goal with the Academy.

I genuinely hope I can make a difference to both the quality and results of your video content.

Here's to your future successes!